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I agree with the concensus here. Keep it simple. Arrowing would be almost impossible, and a horrible idea. I've been on enough arrowed rides to know that... it seems like the more direction you give, the more people get lost! You start arrowing, now nobody is incentivized to get a GPS, and figure out how to use it, or stick with somebody who does. Then they miss an arrow somewhere, next thing you know they're dick in the dirt lost. Also, fees, etc, yeah, you start running into Liability, Insurance, etc. That's the thing. You charge $20 for a few little details, next thing you know it's costing $200+ for insurance, etc.

That being said, a sweep truck sure would be nice. Getting a broken bike home from up there would be an order of magnitude more difficult than it was in Ontario.

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What about the long weekend of July 4th? Too many tourists/traffic on the main roads? There are usually ways to go around that stuff.
Well, we don't have July 4th, but we do have July 1st, close enough. Next year, the 1st falls on a Sunday, so the holiday will be pushed to Monday. Your is on Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week, so not as useful for making a 3 day weekend for you guys.

I don't think traffic would be a problem. First, up in Quebec, nobody lives there. There aren't enough people to cause traffic. However, in my experience, campgrounds, and even "unofficial" campgrounds will be packed. I was at one last year where somebody rented a cube van, packed it with a sound system, and they had a band playing that night. 100's of people came for the concert. There are NO facilities. I'm sure the other people there who weren't aware of this were thrilled.

That's what's nice about the Memorial Day weekend, you guys need an extra travel day, and you get it, and our campsites aren't full. But, the situation is that much more iffy in terms of weather and bugs.
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