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Originally Posted by recrazyjax View Post
Hey Cuddle,

I've been all around those mountains on a sport bike and a bit on a KLR650 but some of those roads I don't know. I'm coming up in July and would love to ride some of the roads you know. Leaving here (Jax Florida) 14 July and returning home on 18 July. So basically rifing Fri-Sun and two days up/back. If you have any good recommendations for riding dirt let me know. I'll be riding with a 17 (+2) tooth front so hardcore dirtbiking won't work but I can go most places with reason. I use the 17 to cover the pavement baby! :) haha.

Great ride!
I am certainly no expert in this area - my best advice is to get the NG maps and explore (all roads I took are on the map).

And give us a "holler" when you are up here!
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