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When it gets past 35C (95F) (even less if in high humidity) and you're in stop and go traffic, there is simply no solution... In low speeds mesh pants are indeed worst as the heat from the fans penetrates more easily...

Every year I set off determined to stay ATGATT for the whole summer but in the end some very hot days with lots of stops (I usually have to visit many customers) I end up going with just the helmet and gloves.

This summer I am gonna test some kevlar jeans from Polo, and these boots... Mesh jacket on top and, of course, gloves and FF helmet... A friend had a nasty accident (cager run a stop sign) and avoided the worst because of his gear so that gave me extra incentive to sweat it through and shut up...

So far the boots and jeans work fine (a little warm at the knees but not too much) but I know that the real test will be during August...
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