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I certainly hear your concerns.

I run a mesh jacket and pant. They come with liners for rain/wind/cold as needed.

Varies pairs of gloves as needed; mesh summer/lower protection ones defiantly get worn.

Yes I get hot..

What I find interesting is that often in the summer when I occasionally wear shorts + the bike pants, I feel the engine heat more than jeans + pants. The rest of the legs are cooler from airflow, but net effect of heat it worse.

To summarize -- layering obviously keeps summer heat in, but can also keep bad heat out.

As a result, I just wear what I wear based on daily plans and deal with the heal accordingly. Stopping is terrible, but when mobile things aren't bad. You know this; I just haven't found a good way around it with out removing armor.

Now that I have been entirely unhelpful, carry on....
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