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Opening vents

They do recommend having venting. Loosening the sleeve cuffs (although that only works if you are using shorty gloves), and opening the jacket front zipper about 25%.

I loosen the sleeve cuffs (carry several styles of gloves) and open the front zipper a little, and the back vent zippers about 1/3. Works for me, traveling through Texas in the summer, for temps up to about 105. Higher than that, I move my travel to the nighttime hours. YMMV.

I agree with a previous poster that mesh pants don't work well in stop and go traffic. I wear non-vented, waterproof pants when traveling, and control my body temperature via the upper core. Evaporative cooling works for me, and the thicker material of wool or LD Comfort garments means longer times between replenishing the water.

In addition, I have ridden on some bikes (which shall remain nameless, but were sure-fire 'ham cookers') that gave off so much heat at 80 degrees and 60 mph on the highway that I felt like I needed a full-length oven mitt on my right leg.

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