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OK, the ransom's been negotiated, and I've agreed to drop the duck someplace secure, and where the tag players and /or the tag-o-rama intervention team can't nab me. So. Go gitcher duck.

Clues. Lots of clues means yer playin' to a dumb audience. I'd like to think ya'll are a clever lot. I mean, Panhandle Ping Pong [tag] is like playing hide and seek in a phone booth, right? If you can't figger out the clues and just head outa the house with a quart of gasoline in the bike, yer likely to find the tag, right? So, in staying with the rules, the duck is.....

a. The tag can be on any type of road and road surface (i.e.: Highways, Byways, Forest service road) No interstates or "fee/pay" areas. Check

b. Tag should not be more than 50 feet off the road and must be on public property, (donít need to have any one going to hospital to remove rock-salt from their arse). Check. The tag is right in the middle of the road. Or bridge. Or lack of bridge.
c. Should be placed on a prominent geologic feature or road intersection (historical markers, old building, bridges, waterfalls, etc). Check. This tag features a very prominent lack of bridge.

d. If the tag is placed on a rough gravel or dirt road, mention it so someone on a street bike will have a heads up. HEADS UP! The end of this road is rougher than a sandpaper thong. Dual sport / good sport bike rider, OK. If you are inclined to git to Mathias on a Gold Wing, via Crooked Run, maybe. This ain't no place for the 'Lectra Glide.

The duck:

The money shot:

Up to the hubs in water, or you will be branded with one of these :ymca

Three feet further out and you'll be up to the clutch lever. DAMHIK.

It's a river crossing. You can see where the road continues on the other side.

Chance to test your waterproof boots. Mine leak over the tops.

The creek's up a bit. I suspect it's been higher.

This Creek's headwaters begin at Farmer's Gap in Great North Mountain. It flows northwest along the western edge of Burnt Ridge off the mountain. It turns toward the northeast and the creek flows along the western flanks of Great North Mountain with White Pine Ridge bounding it to its west. There. That should "clue" you as to the right crick. As far as the road, what direction was the Land of Nod from Eden?

It's the dead fish that go with the flow.

West Virginia Tag-O-Rama Map
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