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Time for another rebuild

So my bike now has somewhere close to 60K miles (I don't know exactly as I had to replace the speedometer once) and over the last year developed a rather pronounced leak at the rear base gasket. I wanted to spend some time over the winter to rebuild it but my Ducati Hypermotard was stolen while I was in Moab (from the dealer of all places) and that left my 950 as my only running street bike so it stayed on the road and I adopted the mantra, "Check the gas and fill 'er up with oil!"

I had my doubts about going but this past weekend turned out to be her last hurrah. Gino and I met up with our Canadian crew (Dan, Flanny and Johnny) to ride the Roaming Rally in Ontario. Well the wet weather produced some rather deep water crossings...

...and after a while my bike began stalling. After a few stall outs my oil light came on and when I looked in my tank it was a frothy mess - water was being sucked past the base gaskets into the engine.

We changed the oil on the trail and the oil light went out but then came back on. I could see clean oil being pumped back into the tank at the filler and the valves were quiet so I hoped it was a bad sensor or electrical gremlin from the water. I know my engine is tired so a part of me really didn't expect much. The bike sounded fine for the rest of the day but the light stayed on. I decided to just keep on riding but with one finger on the clutch the whole time in case she siezed.

Well, she went about 300 miles before a pop and she started running on one cylinder followed by no cylinders and there I was - stranded on the side of the thruway.

I got the bike home and was going to rip into it but an inmate (thanks guymanbro) put me in touch with Pyndon who was selling some engines and when we spoke he let slip he had a 990 as well as a couple of 950's. Well, I rode Flanny's bike over the weekend and we've had a friendly rivalry but I will admit his bike was a beast so when I heard 990 I said "Yes!". Pyndon sent me a photo of the new engine and I think Flanny should be worried:

I threatened to open a can of fabrication whoop ass on Flanny years ago and the time has come. Since my last update here I've aquired a mill, a lathe, a tig welder and the skills to use them. I don't have the time or money for this but that won't stop me. I'm going to build a Flannymobile killer. Get ready Beeeatch!


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