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Originally Posted by emt8q5 View Post
So maybe a didn't phase my question correctly. I guess I was really just trying to figure out why shorts/tshirt/sandals/jimmy buffett look is fine on a scooter but a no-no on a motorcycle? Assuming speed is similar am I more at risk dropping a motorcycle (i.e. leg injuries?) than a scooter?
Its just as stupid on a scoot as it is on a motorcycle to ride in flip flops and shorts.

And it is for quite the same reason many feel safer in their cage than on a plane, although the probability of dying in a car are much greater than on a commercial flight; Because many people are shortsighted, and even more are just plain dumb.

I hope to pick up a scooter sometime soon. And when I do I'll be wearing no less than I do on my motorcycle.
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