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There was an accident across the street from my house about a month ago. I was sitting in my living room (probably surfing advrider....)and I heard a "thump". I looked out the window and saw a bike lying in the road.

I uttered a couple expletives as I ran out the door (yelling for my girlfriend to call 911).

A car had done what cars do; left turn across the lane in front of two guys on a bike.

When I got out there they were both (thank whatever deity you answer too) okay, walking around. I made the rider sit down and relax till the ambulance got there.

One of them was wearing a full face helmet, no gloves (he forgot to put them on), a pair of thin khaki pants, a windbreaker, and tennis shoes. The other guy was wearing similar gear, except the helmet. He had on a half helmet instead of a full face.

Ambulance got there checked them out and asked if they wanted a ride to the hospital..they declined.

One guy had sustained minimal road rash on his knee (we bandaided it), it didn't even wear through the fabric, the other guy was totally fine. You could see where they hit the road on their clothes, otherwise there was basically no damage to them.

I say they got lucky; I wear all my gear most of the time, and most of it all the time. I don't think it will protect you from everything, or even most things, but its better than nothing and I don't want to depend on luck.
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