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I used to go ATGATT on the Vespa, but in hindsight, for slower local trips it was probably overkill. Flipflops would be just plain dumb, as you still need to hold the scoot up predictably at lights, but sneakers would've done the trick just as well as boots. There's a quantifiable difference between holding up a 450 lb. G650 and a 250 lb. Vespa.

If I were the original poster, I'd still wear the boots at least, but for local trips, ditch the armored gear. Yeah, road rash will suck if you hit the deck, but it's not the end of the world. And if you do get into a tussle with a car, the injuries you're worried about aren't really preventable by CE armor anyway. As much as I ride ATGATT today, it's because when I ride I'm always hitting 50mph+ for at least some of my route. If ATGATT is taken to it's logical extreme, we should be debating whether walking out of your house w/o armor and a full-face is safe, rather than trying to figure out what makes a scooter different than a motorcycle. Figure out how fast you'll be going, and figure out what your personal line is between ATGATT and ATGSomeofTT.
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