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Originally Posted by NoMoreMrNiceGuy View Post
Hey, ph0rk, thanks for posting that link. That made for some interesting reading, and now it makes sense to me why I usually felt like I was cooler underway with a crudely vented patrol jacket than with my mesh jacket.
Yeah, for the most part I think mesh only makes sense from around 80-95, and then only for short sprints at 95. In some places, like the middle of NC, that means mesh works for a substantial part of the year. In other places mesh might be a waste.

If your mesh jacket has chest pockets (like most of olympias do), try filling them with ice at stops - works much like soaking your shirt.

I have an evap-o-dana, it seemed generally helpful at 95, or 95 on blacktop (so probably 100 or more), but I think it would really shine in higher temps, as any time I hit a pocket of cooler air the evapodana felt like it was blocking it.
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