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Thumb Motoport Kevlar Mesh - almost air-conditioned

Using a Roadcrafter suit for two decades, in Texas, taught me the value of ventilation and evaporative cooling. I would soak that thing with water at every stop during peak temps to help keep cool.

Finally sold that suit after it "shrunk" on me. (if ya know what I mean, and I think you do . . .)

After much research, looking for something that would work year-round for commuting (wearing office clothes underneath), long distance touring, and adventure touring, I selected the Motoport Kevlar Mesh jacket and pants.

They have armor in more places than most, are several times tougher than leather for both abrasion and seam strength, they breathe extremely well and despite my suit being black the material does not absorb heat.

The matching waterproof liner does double duty to make the suit work in cold and wet weather.

This is probably the last suit I'll ever need to buy, unless I just wanted one of their Stretch Kevlar suits (the only non-leather suit ever approved for road racing).

The Kevlar weave (Mesh and Stretch vesions) doesn't melt when sliding along the pavement the way most other manufacturer's materials can. Aerostitch cautions wearers to cover the skin with a natural fiber layer because of this melting issue. I'm sure that many others don't even go that far to warn the customer of this potential problem.

For hot weather I have found nothing better than wearing this flow-through suit and very little underneath.

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