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Originally Posted by NJ-Brett View Post
How about all the deaths from heat stoke from riding in full gear, loosing the edge, and crashing, or just dieing on the spot?

Or, the people who think they are protected and take higher risks because they have all the gear on?
I don't wear gear except a helmet and that makes me very cautious as I do not want to go down. I actually stay on my side of the road, read the road surface, read the signs, don't over ride my sight lines, don't ride some roads in heavy traffic, don't push the edge (much), don't own a big powerful bike.

Now, if you are doing high risk, gear up to the max, for my riding, I don't.
Honestly, I find riding in street clothing orders of magnitude hotter and less comfortable in the heat when compared to my warm weather gear and wicking long sleeve baselayers. And at least for me, the lack of armor and abrasion protection takes my head out of the game, which makes me lose my edge, blah blah blah.

I think it is a misnomer to attach protection so readily to carelessness; Just because my truck has air bags does not mean that I go looking for things to hit. The reading of road surface, thoughtful selection of roads to ride and what line to take while on them, these are traits of a good rider. They do not magically disappear when riding pants and jacket are put on.

You should know that even if you personally are not "doing high risk" the person who just drifted into your lane or backed out of their driveway without looking is. I would rather be prepared for the bullshit high risk antics of all the fools out here than not.
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