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Over 35 years on the street, 9000 mile round the US trips, riding to work, and none of that stuff has happened to me.
I have not had an issue with a car or truck, although I have had people try to change lanes into me (saw it coming).
Had a deer get close on the BRP once.

By high risk I am talking about the road my work is on, 2 lanes each way, 45 mph limit, lots of businesses on both sides, so people making rights and lefts onto and off of the road, and changing lanes to dodge the turners.
people can bolt out into any lane, right or left, heading each way.
There is an accident on that road, on average, within 5 miles of work, of 1 every 2 days.
That is high risk.

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I don't care what people ride in. But then I also don't agree with any of how you just defined "high risk". My experience says the riding you consider low risk is actually the most likely to bite you on the ass.

When I was rear ended by a drunk it was riding to the convenience store on a 350. So that was a low speed, local road on a low power bike on my side of the road, etc. Low risk by that definition and I was very nearly killed.

When I was run over by a pickup truck I was stopped at a gas station. Being stopped in a parking lot getting gas should be about as low risk as it gets. I wasn't even moving but got scraped and bruised up and had my bike trashed.

My highest speed fall on asphalt was ridng a 200 on a country road with no traffic. Which is probably why I got nailed by wildlife. I hit hard and slid for a long, long time. That one might have killed me without gear.

Another face plant on asphalt was from a front blowout. Nice country road within sight of my driveway and as usual not a car in sight. That is except the rural transit bus waiting at a stop sign that I ended up sliding underneath.

Then I also ride on some of the highest speed, most insane, most congested highways in the country here in the DC metro area. And I have never even had a really close call on expressways. None of my crashes were on powerful bikes and they were all on local roads usually close to home.
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