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Originally Posted by Fire44 View Post
Went for a short ride and about 1 mile from the house she was making a right turn at about 5 mph. Lost her balance and dropped the scooter on its right side. Dislocated ankle, shattered elbow, and a broken leg. 4 months out of work, 2 of them in a wheelchair. She wanted to go out that day in shorts and no helmet. I forced her to were jeans, a jacket, and the helmet. I don't think that what she was wearing made any large difference in how she was injured, but it didn't hurt.
If her head had hit the ground, it could have made quite a lot of difference.

See Gary Busse for an example. It's possible to whack your head hard enough to cause brain damage just from falling off a chair. Sometimes makes me wonder what the world would be like if nobody had any brain damage, because I suspect almost everyone must have some...

Myself included. I can think of two or three good thwacks, starting at age 8, that cuould have been hard enough to do some damage.

I'm also amazed at how many people my age (45) and younger there are that can't seem to walk "normally", without some sort of limp or odd posture. Yikes.

Things that keep me up at night...

Anyway, pays yer money, makes your pick, and takes your chances. I like the cranky, walking in a straight line, SOB that I am now, so I'm trying to stay this way...
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