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Day 1 - Pittsburgh, PA to Chicago, IL
498 miles - 10 hours

Day 1 was Wednesday, May 18. The plan was to leave on Monday, but through a combination of me not being ready and rain all day Monday and Tuesday, it was pushed back. Leaving on Wednesday was really pushing it to make the THursday ferry the following week, so it was D-Day.

I wake up, look out the window, and it's pretty much a hurricane.
Have a look at the map, see that bright orange line I-76? Yes, the one heading northwest exactly under the red rain blob. Wonderful.

I wait around until noon, hoping it will clear up a little, and it does! Sunshine and blue skies, low 70s and humid. Nice riding weather. I ditch the rain liners and am ready to roll:

All packed and ready to roll:

20 minutes out, I hit marble sized hail.
That set the stage for the rest of the ride to AK really. Rain, rain, and more rain. Pulled over, donned the rain liners, and hit the road. Not many more pictures on the way to Steph's because it was off and on rain for the whole drive until I got just outside Chicago.

But here are a few:
Yep, this is Ohio

Looking better:

WHen I arrived it was dark. I passed what I think was the Butterfinger factory because it smelled like butterfingers for about 2-3 miles along I-294. The drive was pretty boring, but I was excited being the first day on the road. I did not wear earplugs and my ears were ringing like HELL when I arrived. Having never ridden for that long before, it was unexpected and primarily the fault of the damn windscreen pulling air into my chin.

Tomorrow must be better!
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