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Cardo Scala G4 earbud mod

Hello inmates,

My name is Eileen Kelleher. I am a retired IT worker and former professional electronic technician. I have been riding motorcycles since I moved away from my parent's house and they couldn't tell me I couldn't anymore (many moons ago).

I used a Sena SMH10 for about a year before I gave up on it due to so many reliability problems, I was tired of completing rides in silence due to technical difficulties and breakages. They were good customer service wise but the product just doesn't last.

I stepped up to the Cardo Scala G4 unit and it works much better but with the smaller speakers it just didn't put out enough volume to be heard over the wind noise and earplugs like the Sena could (when it was working).

After some googleing I found the thread on this board describing how to put in a headphone jack and use earbuds. Seemed like just the ticket, it worked perfectly. I had to get a volume control to cut down the volume to the earbuds.

With a little research I found the S-Plug in canal earbuds with 22" cord ( and They offer all day comfort and no interference with the helmet. has the volume control headphone adapter.

I saw others were charging more than $40 to mod the G4 and then left a little jack on a pigtail coming out of the clamp, just putting the jack inside seemed much cleaner.

I will do the mod for you for $30. Just send me an email and I will send you my contact information so you can send your clamp to me. Just send the clamp along with a self addressed return envelope and I can get it turned around for you the same day, Paypal or check.

I will even trust you for the $30. You can enclose it or send it back after receiving your modded clamp. I'm just happy I can help you guys out.

Eileen Kelleher

That's me wearing my earbuds on a recent SS1000, 16 hours of use in 1 day The wire going down to the tank bag connects to a mixer with my ipod, gps, and radar detector mixed and prioritized and jacked into the mp3 input.
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