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Originally Posted by dbuzzy View Post
It is also true to say there is no quantifiable difference between the road rash sustained when scraping bare skin along the bitumen at equivalent speeds no matter what you ride.

The guy I nursed who lost his leg due to a severe infection secondary to roadrash may agree that it wasn't the end of the world ... or maybe he liked his leg? Who knows. But then he just happened to fall off in a spill from a sewerage truck so was probably just unlucky
You're absolutely right, there's risk in pretty much everything. But I'm pretty convinced that the garbage man losing his leg to sepsis falls into the category of "infinitesimally low chance."

The road rash you get would be the same, be it from a moto, scoot, llama, or slingshot. That's my point: it does suck (I have enough to know) but apart from a week of sticking to the sheets, the long-term effects are pretty minimal. (Ugly, itchy scars: check) Basically, my point is that if the OP is cool with accepting the low, but omnipresent risk of low-grade road rash, then he should lose the heavy gear. If he's trying to make it cradle-to-grave with the baby-soft skin the Lord gave him, by all means suit up.
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