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Gogswell, congratulations on your fabulous restoration! It is stunning. I am sure it took lots of patience and perseverance to take care of all the details.
I really like how the original look was retained, no extra polishing of parts or extra chrome. There is a fine art to knowing when "enough is enough" and not over-restoring a bike. The older style valve covers are a nice nod to the past, they are most pleasing!
Thanks, I just wanted a nice clean rider. I got it cleaned back up a couple of days ago from the spring rally ride and the final drive repair. I will take it out again in a few days to put some miles on it and check for leaks.

Originally Posted by bmweuro View Post
I was reading every post to see if anyone had noticed you had the original wheel. You should have left it. The recall was a joke.
Yeah, I think it was mentioned a time or two. I've had some comments about it being a recall wheel when on rides too.
I figured I would go ahead and have it replaced since I ride the bike somewhat frequently.

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The good thing is, your damn motor can't read. If it says oil on the container, it's pretty much OK to dump in there.... ED.
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