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In 2005 I was headed to lead a monthly club ride in Williamsburg VA. It was August and around 8AM. Lot's of walking tourists etc. Came to a 4 way stoplight intersection. I was the 2nd vehicle to proceed through the green light. Out of nowhere, speeding along was a tourist from PA in a mini van. T-boned me. Claimed his wife distracted him while looking at a map. I never saw his face since I was thrown from the bike and laying face down on the pavement. The pain was unbearable but the guy stayed with me until the ambulance and fire trucks got there. I had a fractured Tibia and Fibula. I had surgery to have a 14 inch long titanium rod (they call it a nail) driven down through my tibia. Also have 4 screws holding it all in place. Had one screw removed a few years ago because it was giving me pain. My BMW R1200C was totaled in the sense that the scratches to the paint repairs were more than the bike was worth. I keptthe bike and didn't accept the money the insurance offered. I was out of work 3 months. At the time of the accident I was separated and my wife lived in another state, so I was lucky in that I had a friend drive me to MD appointments and take care of my 2 dogs. Also lucky that I had short term disability and long term to supplement my sick leave to have a my pay check for the full monthly amount. Five years later it freaks me out when driving in a car when I see a car fast approaching an interection. Never bothered me before but now it is pretty bad. Often times just a gasp or if I'm a passenger in a car I get tensed up pretty good. I don't know if I will ever get over that or not. Also don't like it when on the highway and a I see a car in the breakdown lane and it starts moving, etc. Anyway, the Orthopaedic Surgeon suggested I never ride again because he said if I were in another accident with that leg then it would be a very bad if the titanium nail were to get bent inside my leg etc. He scared me pretty good with that comment and I didn't ride for about 12 months after the accident. I am ATGATT and just super careful riding. I couldn't bring myself to the accident intersection either by car or bike for 2 years and try to stay away from touristy areas in Williamsburg. Oh, and Allstate (other guys insurance) puts a specific price on a broken leg. They don't care about lost wages, lifetime of pain, etc. Also, the driver was cited with failure to yield.
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