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Originally Posted by RebRider View Post
I was visiting with a young [at heart] lady last night that has passionate interests in PETA and animal rights. I tol' her about my escapade with Lucky the Duck, and how I snatched him from a group of bikers that were keeping him under a bush and were probably going to eat him in one of their wild rituals. I may have embellished the amount of danger I put myself in. A little bit. She seemed to think my actions noble and good, and when she heard about the part where one of you was talking about me, my neck, a strap and a tree, she didn't think I should be alone. And far be it from me to stand in the way of someone trying to do the right thing.....

Long story short, yer off the hook on the ransom thing. All I'm asking is that if I show up with a redhead, and she asks about Lucky the Duck, play along and say he's now the Mayor of a Wildlife Area a ways west of there.

You're a wild man VaTrader...a wild man ah say.

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