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So the story goes...

I had just come back from a couple days riding and camping with pnoman, (I'm sure he's about to post up a ride report just anytime ), so I had my bike geared up for highway riding and I had just had time to put my new Mefo on the rear. And as you can see from the photo BuffWV had just converted his bike to the Super Ninja, complete with very high gearing. We haven't been able to get time to ride at the same time for a couple of weeks, so we took off this afternoon to get this tag going.
We decided on a place to go for the tag and in true ADV style decided we would try a new way to get there
It started off well enough, then I decided to see where my gps would decide to take us.

Now anyone that has a Garmin 76 knows that they are somewhat unpredictable when it comes to routing. This has caused me trouble a few times, but I still try it on occasion.

Even this started out pretty well. It turned off the road I had planned on traveling, but we decided to go with it anyway. We hit some nice gravel roads and Buff was

Then we got back to blacktop and were tooling along, when Gamin said turn off. this looked a little bit questionable, but why not.

After a few water crossings

We hit one that was a little deeper and I must have picked up a little bit of water because my bike skipped a few beats. I stopped to make sure everything was ok.

Buff decided to wash up a little bit while he was waiting...

He's kind of funny that way!

He seemed to be ok, so picked the bike up and moved on. Then I found him stopped again. What's wrong with this picture?

Now to some people this would be a problem, but Buff just said "Oh well, I still have a front brake!"

He decided he would stay in front after that to help avoid playing bumper cars.

There were a few muddy spots. Of course I don't have pictures of the worst ones because I was too busy trying to stay upright.

At this point I was thinking the Mefo did better than I expected in the mud. More on that later.

We finally got out of the mud and water crossings and found some more nice roads.

Then we got to the tag location.

Another post coming with more information.

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