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Originally Posted by Effisland View Post
Yep, sounds like you've got the alternative set up. It's a pain and I've been stuck there too.

Seems to me you need to hold down both buttons at once (on the dash) to enter edit mode, and then scroll through the options. I think it's on the same screen as 'Flash' for the redline monitor, and you just choose the setting it's not currently on (like on/off).

Sorry for the shit instructions, I still can't find my manual. Someone else can confirm this hopefully.
Yes, that's what it sounds like. I can never remember it off the top of my head, either. Occasionally when I collect mine from the dealers it is switched or when I have switched it to allow easier use of the lap timer. 30 seconds of fiddling with the buttons in various combinations and I stumble on it.
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