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Homer and the Spit

For my little test ride the night before, I went south from Whiskey Gulch making it maybe a couple miles before getting cut off by the Anchor River.

The next day Tina wanted to hang out on the beach for a while, so I went for a little ride. I decided to go around to Anchor point and see how close to Homer I could get. I fumbled around a little trying to find the beach access point, missing the turn by the bridge but it wasnít too hard to find.

I gunned it through the loose stuff at the top, sat back, kept on the gas as it wobbled, and headed for the hard pack to gain speed. Most of it is perfect for riding. Mainly course sand that stays moist and compact with marble sized multi-colored rock thrown in. Really, it is quite easy to ride in once you get out there. The tide fluctuations are drastic too, so that helps.

What blew me away is that I started seeing houses, and there arenít any roads out the back. The only way they can get in or out is up the beach during low tide.

A couple miles after this is where I shot the video I posted on #44. It started getting rockier and rockier. But I saw fresh tracks so I knew that if something happened there were at least people around. If I had to guess I would say I was about 10 miles south on the beach. Far enough to where you need to be careful when riding solo. I found the guy making the tracks and chatted with him for a while. He said there was a river but you could keep going. By that time the beach had turned to nothing but marble+ sized roly poly rocks that were getting worse, they are the type that will put you down and snap your leg in the blink of an eye so I only went a bit further. I would love to come back one day with a buddy and see how far we could get, but at that point it wasnít worth pushing on. So I headed back out and decided to check out Homer.

On the way I tried to stay close to the coast and found a nice overlook.

Was looped back around and took a pic of the bridge.

Played around with the camera.

Saw a kiteboarder.

Then checked out the end of the Homer Spit, I have to say it took me a second to realize how it got its name.

And then headed back.

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