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Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
...If careful measurements were made, it would be a surprise to me if the oil consumption via mist approaches that which gets by the valve seals and rings...
Perhaps it is so. However, I am riding harder, and using less oil, since I reinstalled the oil separator. It might be interesting if you performed the same experiment.
Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
...In your situation, I believe I would better make the argument by declaring to be concerned about the additional oil mist contacting the relocated components in the airbox...
As you know, the CDI unit is completely sealed, so I doubt it is vulnerable to oil mist. Indeed, the intake vacuum of the engine is so high, and the air filter so effective, I truly doubt any oil mist can penetrate the air filter to soil the interior of the air box.
Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
...It's no mystery what the oil separator does or why the engineers employed it. The function of the oil separator is clear: to allow oil mist suspened in the crankcase venting air a space to slow down and condense out on the walls, from which it can then flow back by gravity into the engine's crankcase...
Indeed, that's why I like the oil separator.
Originally Posted by ONandOFF View Post
...Your mission, should you accept, is to track down that shield and de-activate it! Rumor has it that Galt's Gulch is within the Idaho mountains
Mission accepted! Did anyone mention anything about a Shorai battery relocation in this thread?

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