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Originally Posted by Lomax View Post
thanks for the advice. The clearance issue is with the bigger pipes the stand mounting bracket will not fit within 1/4 inch of the engine mount.

My latest thought is to take some flat stock and mount it between the front and rear engine mounts. Then mount the side stand to the plate.

You also have a good idea with moving the mounting bolt over more to the left side and using a spaced. I will look into that.

I installed a Brown on my 79 RS. The stock bolt will work, but leaves one thread unloaded on each side. Not long enough to add any extra washers or spacers. Also, after installing I was have all kind of issues getting into 1st gear. The shift lever was hitting the Brown mount plate. The later Browns have a nicely curved relief in the plate to prevent this. I massaged mine with a grinder to provide clearance and all is well.
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