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Hey I've got a KLX 650c with 2 Airhawks on it. I'm thinking of returning them under the 60 day "you bet your ass" guarantee. They are comfortable. But they're annoying to have to fidget with and adjust all the time. And they still don't make the seat any wider, which is the root of the discomfort I believe.

Anyway, my girlfriend and I ride a lot. This past weekend we spent about 7 hours in the saddle in one day. I'm going to be in Boise June 20 and 21 with her visiting my brother, AvMech. May we come in to have you take some measurements/pics of us on the seat to help you plan the build on my seat? I'm also interested in sitting on some of your examples in trying to determine my choice in cover material and seat foam. I'm thinking soft foam and the softest covering material you have. Have you found the seat cover material to play a role in comfort? It should. For example, my Thermarest is very comfortable when I'm laying on it by myself. However Kathleen and I share a Big Agnes Buffalo Park sleeping bag which fits the Thermarest. With her on there with me, an extra 100 lbs, the air pressure inside the thermarest rises dramatically, and the surface tension also increases. Making the thermarest feel much harder even though I let out enough air so that my body is just barely off the ground like it's supposed to be. I really like the look of the carbon fiber type seat cover material, but if it's not soft and supple I think the surface tension will make the seat feel harder.


Also like to do a bit of this with it

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