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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post

I replaced it with ...

The mesh doesn't look like it will burn through as quickly, although that wasn't an issue with my crash.
When I was doing research for riding gear one of the things I kept seeing in post-crash testimonials on most of the gear were statements regarding "I replaced it with . . ."

that was up until I read the testimonials on the suit I purchased. These were different.

The owners raved about how the gear survived, or, was only cosmetically damaged, and in the worst cases may have needed a small repair. This was completely different from everything else I had reviewed.

I rather liked the idea of not having to sacrifice a suit should a get-off be in my cards.

It's also nice, when the Kevlar weave won't burn through at all in a slide, not having to concern myself about how quickly will the nylon mesh or Cordura burn through.

I really don't understand why more manufacturers aren't using materials better suited (pun intended) to the purpose of the gear.

The suit I wear will protect me and survive. Even if I do manage to damage it, the manufacturer will repair it.

Considering the cost of protective gear, what are the advantages of paying a premium price for a one-time-use item?

Regardless of what anyone purchases, this Save Your Hide page is worth a read, just to better understand the materials used in various gear out there.

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