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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
BMG (Belstaff) "Adventure" Jacket with zip on hydration system is far and away the best Hot weather Jacket I have ever used (or seen)
Overall, the BMG design hits a lot of my key points. Breathable, removable waterproof liner, built-in hydration is nice (and provides some back protection too I'd bet), pads in all the key places, and it is a fine looking piece of gear.

Then, they go and make it with a shell material that may not hold it all together in a crash.

The shell's 500 Denier Cordura tears at 22 lbs., and doesn't quite seem appropriate for motorcycle gear.

For comparison;
  • blue jeans tear at 4.5 lbs.,
  • new, competition grade leather tears at 80-110 lbs. and,
  • Motoport Kevlar Mesh tears at 1260 lbs. (57 times greater than the BMG Adventure)

Even if you are sliding on the pads, the fabric or seams will likely fail removing that protective layer from between the skin and the asphalt.

That's the one-time-use flavor of gear that just doesn't cut the mustard for me.

If I'm spending hundreds of dollars on a jacket I really expect it to hold up. If I have to spend a little more to get fifty times the protection, maybe it's a better value.

Most manufacturers seem to only make a half-hearted attempt to provide a product that will protect the rider, and, that will remain intact when put to the test.

Granted, after the crash it's really kewl to tell folks how you survived a crash that shredded your gear, but, really, is that what you expected in performance from your purchase?

What if you lose a lot of skin. Are you satisfied with your purchase?

Will you go out and buy another piece of gear made with materials that will not hold up?

Everything is a compromise when choosing gear. Price, heat/cold management, style, protection, and overall value each will play a role in our choices. What do you expect your hard-earned paycheck to be buying?

If (cue Billy Crystal here) "it's better to look good than it is to feel good," the lightweight materials with a myriad of colors and lumps and technical buzzwords like "Teflon coated" (bwahahahahaha), that provide a false sense of security and a heightened sense of fashion might be just the ticket for some riders.

After 40+ years of riding I've gotten a little picky about what I wrap my hide in.

I'd rather sweat than bleed.

If I have to compromise, it will be biased toward function over form.

The BMG Adventure is a very nice looking jacket. Sincerely.

This and many others fall short of my criteria for rider wear when they build them from materials better suited for hiking, caving, motocross and other slower speed activities, with no chance of winning an argument with a road surface at higher speeds.


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