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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post

Regardless of the material, a mesh jacket that flows lots of air does more harm than good over 93-95 degrees.
I have seen that thread, but hadn't visited it in a few weeks. Thanks for the link.

A lot of airflow can be the enemy in higher temps. True enough.

The Motoport really doesn't flow a LOT of air, especially behind a windshield. It seems that it does flow just enough. It is much more comfortable in the heat than the Roadcrafter I wore. I do have to keep fluids coming in, but you have to do this in the heat anyway.

The gear has lots of perforated protection panels covering the chest/ribs, forearms/elbows, shoulder, back, knee/shin, thigh, etc. that choke any significant flow. See the above referenced thread for some pics of the protection panels fitted on a guy modeling them.

It flows enough that a technical T underneath stays a little moist, but neither is it dry nor soaked. I'm don't feel chilled when moving, and don't feel my core temp is over-heating either.

To me it's more like a tent with a light breeze than it is a net with a gale blowing through. Kinda like the robes worn by desert dwellers that provide shade and light evaporation without sucking the water out of the wearer.

For the Texas environment it seems a perfect balance, based upon my riding here for decades and wearing everything from jeans and jean jackets up through jeans and leather jackets, and into synthetic suits. This is the most appropriate gear I have owned for my comfort and protection year-round.

This might be different for a rider on a naked bike. My experience with it has only been behind a windshield.

I think this suit is worth mentioning to anyone looking for feedback on what has worked for other riders.

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