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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
You should really read that thread.
That thread has a lot of good information.

Wayne could have a better customer experience at times it seems, but this in no way detracts from the quality, function, and durability of the suit when compared apples to apples against every other suit out there, including custom race leathers.

If you have read the thread you saw one poster mentioning how he wasn't wearing the suit properly and the pads shifted, despite which the suit still protected him very well.

If you saw the photos of a few tears and abrasions on the Motoport suit you can only imagine what a 500 or 1000 Denier Cordura suit would look like after the same crash.

One guy is still wearing the Motoport jacket after a crash that tore a few holes, and doesn't plan to send it in for repair. I doubt this would happen with a lesser quality suit after the same level of abuse.

If this interests you at all, you really should click that link to testimonials in my earlier post for some perspective.

There are several Motoport threads on ADV and elsewhere. If this is something you are interested in check them out too. I read all I could find before purchase, a couple of years ago.

I had been planning to get another Aerostich when I stumbled into a magazine review comparing the two suits. Then through my search I began to learn more, before laying down a grand for the whole package including the rain gear, custom pockets, etc. After extensive research I chose the Motoport, because it provided the qualities I placed highest on my list.

This criteria may not be the same for everyone.

That's my two cents. (yeah, you can still get a lot for two cents. )

This is The Internet. Confirm for yourself anything you may see while visiting this strange and uncertain land.

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