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Originally Posted by MotoTex View Post
If this interests you at all, you really should click that link to testimonials in my earlier post for some perspective.
I've read them. I remain unimpressed with the product and especially the company.

A: I get gear replacement with my insurance so gear lasting past a crash isn't an issue.

B: I would never give that company money, under any circumstances based on their customer disservice.

C: Mesh is a stopgap short range option, not what I'd use for long trips unless it happens to be the perfect week in spring or fall, and there are plenty of other solid textile options.

I've seen several shots of motoport gear that needs repair, and shots of "plain" cordura gear (aerostich and olympia) that doesn't after a crash. I doubt any crash I may or may not have will be the same as the ones they had, so it is all taken with a grain of salt. Frankly, anything with a price tag and cultish following like motoport will tend to bias reports towards the positive, so the multiple cases of bad customer service and support really drive the point home.

But hey, if you already own their stuff, I sincerely hope you never have a problem with it or with them - I'm just not touching it, and wouldn't suggest anyone else do either.
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