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Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
I've read them. I remain unimpressed with the product and especially the company.

A: I get gear replacement with my insurance so gear lasting past a crash isn't an issue.

B: I would never give that company money, under any circumstances based on their customer disservice.

C: Mesh is a stopgap short range option, not what I'd use for long trips unless it happens to be the perfect week in spring or fall, and there are plenty of other solid textile options.

I've seen several shots of motoport gear that needs repair, and shots of "plain" cordura gear (aerostich and olympia) that doesn't after a crash. I doubt any crash I may or may not have will be the same as the ones they had, so it is all taken with a grain of salt. Frankly, anything with a price tag and cultish following like motoport will tend to bias reports towards the positive, so the multiple cases of bad customer service and support really drive the point home.

But hey, if you already own their stuff, I sincerely hope you never have a problem with it or with them - I'm just not touching it, and wouldn't suggest anyone else do either.
I appreciate that you feel the way you do, but I'd like to respond not so much to convince you as to make clear that the opinion you hold is based entirely upon zero personal experience with either the gear or the business, and a lot of what you have written is misleading or completely wrong, based upon my actual experience with both the gear and the company. (I will admit that Wayne has a unique personality, but he isn't the only master craftsman I've ever met who was a little eccentric)

Their price is on par with the other industry leaders, so that really isn't much of a point. For a custom made suit, it is reasonably priced, comparatively.

This mesh suit is the only gear I wear year round and was purchased because it does adapt for all seasons and all weather conditions, much as the Roadcrafter it replaced did. If it were a niche option for a single season I would have chosen something else. I don't have a closet full of fashion wear, just this one suit.

Maybe the 4000 miles I rode over twelve days in late April/early May that took me across the Ohio river nine times during the rains and flooding that made the news wouldn't hold any water in your estimation. On one five state 400+ mile day I rode all day in the pouring rain without getting wet. The suit was comfy and dry. So, perhaps you shouldn't be making claims about gear that are only based upon your assumptions.

Quality and performance isn't a priority for everyone. That's why so many people shop at Wal-Mart and throw it away after a season and buy another next year. It has become a part of the American experience.

The last suit I bought lasted me twenty years and a hundred thousand miles of riding. I expect this one to last at least as long.

If I chose not to buy from any store that has a few vocal dissatisfied customers, that was otherwise very highly rated by industry professionals, and, had plenty of satisfied customers, I would probably never buy anything at all.

When I'm looking for a reason not to do something it is always easy to find one.

I hope you never have the opportunity to test the protection of gear that doesn't score as high on tear and abrasion tests. If you should, I hope you fare well.

As an aside, whenever someone adamantly and repeatedly slams gear or businesses and they have no personal experience with them, this makes it seem to me like they might have an axe to grind, be working for a competitor, or something along those lines. Not that this is the case, it just leaves that impression.

Just sayin'

good luck, ride safe

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