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Originally Posted by MotoTex View Post
As an aside, whenever someone adamantly and repeatedly slams gear or businesses and they have no personal experience with them, this makes it seem to me like they might have an axe to grind, be working for a competitor, or something along those lines. Not that this is the case, it just leaves that impression.
Repeatedly? I don't really have much to say about them, other than that I don't think their material is magic and I've seen enough bad press to steer clear.

I stand by my statement that mesh is a niche product - either it doesn't flow much air at all or it flows too much for 95+ heat. That goes for motoport, olympia, or anyone else. Wear mesh in 100+ degree heat and you'll sweat much more than you would in a vented jacket (39 oz per hour at 103 f, based on the IronButt document). That leads to dehydration and poor judgement.

Most every manufacturer of a mesh jacket/pants has some form of wind/rain liner that does just fine at cooler weather and rain, and that isn't a complaint I've had. What does matter to me for mesh is hot weather performance, and the hard fact is that above a certain temperature, a solid-body vented jacket is a better option.

I suppose someone could come up with a wind/rain liner that would limit venting for temperatures above 95 degrees, but that seems like making three left turns instead of a right - you'd be better off with a vented solid body jacket of the sort dozens of manufacturers make at varying price points.
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