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'Little Blue' goes looking for Orange...

This Spring I began thinking it would be fun to take my WR250R on a long weekend camping trip. My klr has proven to be a great long distance bike, but I've been following the ‘Minimalist Touring Thread (250cc and under)’ thread and decided my WR250R would do the job just fine (after a few modifications). First thing was a Seat Concepts seat under my sheepskin to log some serious miles. Next was a smallish Cee Balies wind screen to take a little wind blast off and I also purchased a set of Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags and racks. I had recently added the 3 gal. IMS tank which would push my range out to 150+ miles. With 'little Blue' all set, all I needed was a destination.

Since it's the 150 anniversary of the Civil War I began re-reading some family history of my great-great-great grandfather Orange's experiences back then. He was a soldier in the Union army and he saw action in Tennessee and Georgia (plus he took a little additional side visit to Virginia). All this being just a couple states away from my home in Louisville, KY. my plan was coming together. Since I was on a mission of sorts, I decided it would be best as a solo ride where I wouldn't be holding any riding partners up with too many stops to look at obscure roadside markers.

A little work with MapSource and Google maps I came up with a 1500 mile route on back roads of Kentucky, Tennessee, one little corner of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia. Of course I had to include the Blue Ridge Pkwy. on my way up to Virginia. I also added lots of camping areas along the route as waypoints in my Garmin Oregon but I didn't make any reservations. The plan was to ride and camp as I pleased and just let things work themselves out.

Anyway that’s my intro to my big Spring adventure. May 18th was departure day. More later…

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Little Blue goes looking for Orange
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