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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
I went down in my BMG Adventure once and you have to look real close to see evidence of the impact and abrasion it sustained.

I have had several offs while wearing it off-road. Me thinks that BMG gear holds up far better than you think.
Years ago I was Jonesing bad for the Belstaff waxed canvas jacket. Like back in the late 70's. It looked pretty cool back then. Glad to see they are still in the business as BMG.

Fortunately, most of our get-offs are at slower speeds. I don't know if that was the case with yours, or if any pavement was involved.

Off road gear using 500-1000D Cordura is great in that application. I have a Moose jacket that fits over the chest protector and it works fine for off-roading in cold weather. MX pants only need cover the pads underneath and I've rarely torn pants, but have torn plenty of jerseys riding dirt.

The place where the higher abrasion-rated materials will have the most significant benefit is in the worse case scenario of sliding down the pavement for a hundred feet or more at highway speeds. For street riding gear that's the protection I aim for. Fortunately I've never needed it, but when buying I take the "better to have and not need . . ." attitude.

It's good to know that the Adventure jacket is holding up well after some field testing.

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