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Of course we had to get out a couple of Izh’s & annoy the village goats

Terry’s bike had a blown fork seal, so I bitched about his BMW leaking oil all over the place J

Everything went pretty good all weekend, many beers drunk, lies told, ride reports, & a good time with good people.

Only bummer was during Saturdays rideout, Andi from Ankara went down on some gravel in a curve, due to an oncoming car in his lane, & broke his collarbone. (he had ridden up from TR on his Jawa 350)
Adrian was behind him, & made it thru, but the guy behind him on an Africa Twin went down, as well as Poly, behind him. He dislocated his shoulder, Poly banged up her knee pretty good.

Other than some scratches tho, the bikes came out of it pretty good. The crash happened about 100km from the camp, so several of us jumped in a car & headed up there. Dealing with the cops was ridiculous. They actually wanted to fine them for crashing. Of course the car that caused it didn’t stop. Andi & Roman were at the hospital, & Poly was trying to deal with the cops.

The rest of the group headed back, & we were there waiting for the keystone cops to figure everything out. They wanted to measure the marks, but no one had a tape. So they went & got one. But then, they didn’t have the forms needed to fill out, etc…etc….

Finally Poly & Ivo went to the town to deal with papers & cops, & me & 2 other friends rode the bikes back. I rode the AT, it’s a nice bike. I’ve always wanted one.

Oh, and when the main group was on their way back, a guy on a BMW went down for some reason, & his girlfriend broke her foot.

It was a helluva day.

By 11pm tho, everyone was back at the camp. Andi arranged a truck ride for him & his bike to the border, & got home ok.

Next year, I hope no crashes!

As soon as the dust cleared from the HU meet, I headed to Turkey

My bike hotel in Bulgaria. ADVriders get 1st beer free!

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