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Originally Posted by DoktorT View Post
I'm just shaking my head in disgust. The manufacturer knows of the problem, but still sells it to the masses. Machine time ain't cheap, but that divot can be automated (CNC) and they could spit them out right at about 30 seconds machine time each. Manually it could be done by any journeymen in 5 minutes.

The have done it. Cruised around the Redmond rally last year specifically looking for Brown stands on /7's. Saw a few like mine, owner install with the ground out area. Then I saw looking near new, a chrome Brown with the divot requied perfectly radiused. I thought oh, good, they are making them right now.

Why would they revert back to WRONG?? To save $2 machine time?? Fouling the shifter can become very dangerous. It's not just engaging 1st, it also affects downshifting at speed in higher gears.
If it was chrome it was a copy, unless some crazy bastard spent the money.
Browns were not chromed. Luftmeister copies were.
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