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Originally Posted by Jamie Z View Post
$8 just to go in the visitor center? Holy cow. I was sort of out that way a couple weeks ago and had hoped to visit Hoover Dam. I ended up not making it that far, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't. I don't think I could pay $30.

Really happy to read your report. You're clearly not in a hurry, a refreshing change from reading other reports.

And I wish I were as successful at couchsurfing as you. Are you sending out couch requests many days in advance? Admittedly, with the way I travel most of my couch requests are same-day, and not surprisingly most of them are declined. I wish I were more organized as to set up a route beforehand. Couchsurfing has always been a great experience.

Hi Jamie,

We thought the Hoover Dam was a rip off too. Maybe it is cool, but would not suspect it was that cool.

Concerning couchsurfing, Jill has been sending either a couch request or a message to about 3 people in the larger cities we expect to visit, usually about a week in advance if possible. We have been having really good luck with responses and our time spent with hosts from the site have definitely been highlights. Usually when we send the request we have not had a concrete date in mind for our arrival, we have just been saying that we expect to arrive next week and that has been working well. This couchsurfing thing is helping us travel more slowly and spend less money, always a good combination.
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