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Those pesky electrons are going where I tell them, dammit! Got the dimmer relay relocated today.

I wanted to use proper wiring harness style loom, and when I went to look for it Monday, I got shot down everywhere. The auto electric shops were all, "Yeah, I know what you want but I ain't got it." NAPA was the same. The HD shop is open on Mondays after Memorial Day, and they sold me 48 cents of shrink wrap tubing, saying "It oughta do it" when I described the application.

Not completely happy with all that, I stopped by my local airhead guy's shop when he was open on Tuesday, and he was all "What size and how many feet?" He had the genuine stuff, and I felt much better about my prospects on this job. My local airhead guy is an inmate and an altogether nice guy. Here's his shop, if you are ever coming through here:

The job--I started by making a bracket to hold the relay:

Then I got the wires into the loom, marked DIN style so I knew which was which (I used 2 cents worth of the HD shrink tube on each end of the loom):

Then got it all mounted and wired up:

Ta Da! The headlight now fits, and has high and low beam at the touch of a button:

And a couple wide shots, one with the tank on to make sure everything fits:

If I'm up early enough, I'll check the aim of the headlight.
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