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My great, great, great grandfather Orange Cotton Babcock was 34 when he left Youngsville Pennsylvania with his younger brother Merritt (24) to join the Union cause. He was a farmer and teacher in the Fall of 1862 when he signed up with Independent Company C (infantry) of the Pennsylvania Volunteers.

This image shows him in from what I've been told, a Sergent Majors uniform. They were the only NCO's that were issued swords. We don't have any pics of Merritt.

We’re not sure why, but in December 1862, both Orange and Merritt were transferred to the 18th Infantry Regiment USA, 2nd Battalion. This light infantry unit was part of the regular Union forces, not volunteer state regiments, which made up the great majority of Union troops.

Here's Orange in his frock coat with Hardee hat.

The 18th was assigned to the Army of the Cumberland (Gen. Rosecrans), XIV Corps (Gen. Thomas), 1st Division (Gen. Baird), 3rd Brigade (Brig. Gen. King). By the time Orange got to Chickamauga, GA. he was under Capt. Haymond in the 2nd Battalion. His unit fought at the battle of Stones River at Murfreesboro, TN.,

but I’m not sure if Orange and Merritt fought in that battle seeing they were just transferred in early December and the battle was Dec. 31 – Jan. 2 1863. Maybe they did bring in replacements that quick?? Pretty sure he must have stopped in Louisville on the way to TN. since the Louisville & Nashville railroad was a major supply line to the Federals. The Stones River Nat'l Battlefield was my first main goal.

My ride plan was to leave Louisville after work Wednesday and get 150 miles in. I left from work on Wednesday about 4:30 and rode in light rain/drizzle down to my first nights camp at Dale Hollow State Park. Good to be on the road again!

'Little Blue' ready to go...

Headed south through Bardstown...

Made it down to Dale Hollow State Park right on the Tennessee state line just before dark.

I had the campground to myself and it started to clear. Good thing, 'cause I'm solar powered and I need some sun tomorrow!

First nights camp pic...

I got up everyday at around 6:00 and tried to be rolling before 8:00.
Going to be a fine day!

Took Hwy. 53 through central TN., beautiful state and roads. "Old times here are not forgotten"...

Lot's of neat little old towns along the way. Later in my ride, I rode the Blue Ridge Pkwy from Cherokee, NC into Virginia. Spectacular road and I really enjoyed it, but I really like going through these small towns. Waving to folks on their porches, seeing the yards sales, nice lawns and gardens.

Center Hill Dam...

Took the 4 lane (70s) from Woodbury into Murfreesboro to the Nat'l Cemetery at Stones River.

Our family history says that Merritt was wounded in action and died April 24 1863 at General Hospital #6 Murfreesboro. Maybe he did fight at Stones River and died 4 months later of his wounds?? Uncle Merritt is buried at the Stones River National Cemetery. Paid him a visit and left a card and flag from his many grateful nieces and nephews.

The railroad is still a major supply line between Nashville and Chattanooga...

They were having a hatch of these red eyed devils while I was there. Had them back home several years ago. My dog loved them, said they were very tasty...

Beautiful place...

"I have never seen a Kentuckian without a gun and a pack of cards and a bottle of whiskey." - Gen. Andrew Jackson
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