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Commuting…The strange. The Odd… And the FUN

Let’s share some of our more entertaining commuter stories. Here, I’ll start it off with my ride home tonight.

On my commute home tonight a Black Mercedes changes into the left lane on the interstate where traffic was flowing along nicely and I am following a truck at a safe distance. He did signal (so in my mind no harm no foul I roll off the throttle to give myslf more following distance behind my new lead car) I doubt he looked or even saw me until his lane change was completed. All is right and OK and we are all flowing along nicely…Then he looks in his rear-view sees me and slows down. I have no idea why. ??? It is not as if my DR looks a cop bike.

I slow some more to keep a safe following distance as he pokes along beside a truck in the center lane as the Left lane traffic rolls off into the distance. Slowly... Ever so slowly Mercedes dude gets past the truck...When I clear a truck, I signal… Move to the middle lane… Pass said Mercedes dude then signal (both hand and turn signal as is my standard practice) and move back to the left lane when the Mercedes dude decides he doesn’t like that so he punches it and pulls up next to me to force me back into the middle lane. I think he was a little surprised that I did not play his game and held my line. He thought he could intimidate me but was unwilling to have my foot peg scratch up his pretty Black car. I was laughing so hard I almost teared up.

Quite silly actually but I did have an escape to the right if I needed it. Once he learned I did not wish to participate in his game (about a ¼ mile) he backed off to a safe following distance and I move to the center of the lane to discourage him from doing it again and I did one of these:

This seemed to anger Mercedes dude as he sped up again flashing his headlights. buy this time I am nearing my exit so I signaled and changed lanes to the right and slowed to match the slower speed of the traffic in the right lane when Mercedes dude zooms up beside me again thinking he is scaring me. If he had known how hard I was laughing behind my Full-faced helmet I think he would have exploded.

It was the most entertaining commute in the last year!!! Damn riding is fun.

OK, your turn. Any road rage, folly, humorous stories about your daily commute? Share away.

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