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Originally Posted by Juggernot View Post
The lightning was AWESOME! Got to be one of the greatest ways to see lightning!
I love lightening. Growing up in Central Alberta I used to watch truly amazing lightening storms, that to which nothing that I have witnessed in my current area (Bitterroot) can compare. Man do I miss that .

Anyways.... Lightening is fun when you know its going to be there. But, while blasting down a local fire road in what seems to be just a cloudy day to have lightening strike virtually right beside you, well that is another story. That scared me worse than possibly anything that I have ever experienced. The light was blinding, the sound was so loud that I did a sort-of fetal position while still on the bike . It was a check your pants moment for sure. What got me the most was it was completely out of nowhere, no warning BANG! Rain followed, as always does for the ill-prepared .
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