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These are always fun. Caution, I'm very long winded.

I was coming home from the Orlando area a week or two ago on I-4 (my job has me all over the place, and I-4 is commuter hell in this area) and traffic was moving at a decent clip. Well I was passing most of everybody in the left lane, with a few cars following me. Of course I come up on a left lane hog in a pickup truck...the cars in the middle were doing 75, I was probably doing 80 until reaching this guy...going slower than the guys in the right. UGH.

But the traffic was so condensed in the right that it wasn't very wise to try and squeeze in to pass him...especially since he just sped up. And then slowed down again. And then sped up again. UGH. Well, this whole time there was some jackass in a Toyota tailgating me. I passed him using the middle lane earlier, and he tried to get on my tail until I did my little blast off routine, and he realized that I was going a bit faster than he was willing to. But of course, in Florida, if you tailgate the person in front of you, the people in front of him will speed up!!

So anyhow the traffic in the middle lane loosened up a bit, but I decided to try and hold my line in the left as the truck *may* wise up and move over (very very unlikely). Around this time, someone from the middle gets in front of the truck, going about the same speed. Then we caught up with another driver, effectively forming a line of fail in the left lane. The Toyota then suddenly changes into the middle lane (another reason I decided to stay in the left) and then gets up right next to me in time for traffic in the middle to slow...he tailgates the hell out of the guy in front of him, then forces his way in front of me.

So the next few miles he's stuck behind the truck, and I'm stuck behind him...he gained absolutely no time. All of that effort just to get one car ahead....ah, Florida drivers. As I realized I was only 3-5 miles from my exit, I pulled into the slower middle lane and saw him get pretty far ahead. Then I realized that nobody was in the right lane, so I changed, and rocketed I passed him, he switches into the middle lane, and then into the right to get behind me, just as we're approaching a little old lady in a Buick doing the minimum of 60.

I changed into the middle lane just in time for the inevitable chain of people in the left lane trying to pass the earlier moron in the truck were changing...making Toyota man stuck in the right lane. I waved as I accelerated into a nice cushion in front of the clusterfuck I was just stuck in, and then pulled off onto my exit.

Eh, just usual Florida drivers. I've had worse happen to me, but this is the most recent that gave a reaction.
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