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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
Car or m/c, I like "laying eggs" but my GF trips out so that's out when she's on-board... (in the car)

Apperantly in Middle TN, the left lane, no matter where it is, is for the blocking and cutting off others when their right turn nears...

So I just give them back what they so graciously give to others.

I just get up front and slow right on down, to parade speed. Getting a WTF hand flip for my troubles.

Seems you have to be retarded to a certain point to drive around here.

Commuting follies? only every time I ride... Welcome to the 3rd circle of mc riding hell where only the billy bad asses on Harley's get the ok to sit at lights they can legally go through, and ride how ever and where ever they want, cause they might beat yer ass!

The guy on the mopedcrotchrocketdirtbike?

fawk him!

They blow rant rave and cuss when you filter or split here too, but not so much when you tuck in behind the asshole that doesn't obey ANY traffic laws, pays no wheel or road taxes and doesn't have a tag or even insurance... The bicyclist...
You noticed this too, huh? Another favorite is the person who speeds up to get in front of you, just so they can slow down and block you from passing anybody else by pacing the vehicle next to them. I figure they were overzealous hall monitors in their school days.

And then there are the guys with full-size pickups, who seem to have bought those trucks so they can decapitate people driving behind them (brake-checkers).

If it wasn't for the music scene and all the beautiful women in this town...
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