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Coming back from dinner one evening.

Road goes down a hill into the valley ~1/4mi, stoplight with streets into subdivisions on either side. Keep going straight another 1/4mi, then come up the hill to one of the major intersections (with stoplight) in the neighborhood. Not a lot of traffic this evening, between the light at the bottom of the hill and the light at the top there were 3 other cars.

I'm just passing through the intersection at the bottom of the hill when I see the light at the top goes yellow. The other cars in front of me slow down and coast to a stop at the light. I roll up behind the car in the right go-straight lane, with two cars in the go-straight lane to my left and nobody in the right-turn lane to my right.

Light's still red, car in front of me shifts into reverse and starts rolling straight backwards. I start honking, flashing lights, and get no response. They keep coasting back. Lady in the car closes within 5ft of my front tire and I slide over to the right just as the light turns green. She keeps coasting backwards, right over where I was waiting. I go through the intersection and never saw her go through.

First time i've ever almost gotten run over by the car in front of me.
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