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Commuting: The time when the people fit into three categories.

1)Actively trying to kill you
2)Absentmindedly trying to kill you
3)Mindless obstacles that refuse to change lanes or pass anyone, and are best passed efficiently.

Someone tried to mer into me today when they assumed I was going to enter a turn lane, heard my horn, looked, and kept on moving into my lane. SOP, move on, get over it. Two responses. Get up in her grill and get angry, or get the hell away from her. Today I chose option 2.

Sometimes I do enjoy either giving dumb people the stare, or the WTF palm up and shrug about why they are in the fast lane with a parade of cars behind them. Of course the same could be said of the people blissfully following along with the other two lanes clear.
Do you talk to people you meet on the road?

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