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I'll guess about a few more posts before some ATGATT safety inspector shows up and tells us that we need to stop having fun on our bikes.

I will relate a tale told me by my riding buddy two days ago when he came over to beg garage space from me to change fork seals. He was riding about a week ago up "Industrial Road" (Same road I smoked the Honda Insight, for those of you who remember) and some guy in a cage was weaving in and out of traffic trying to get "there" faster. It's ridiculous on this street because it just. doesn't. happen. You just need to go with it, whether in car or on bike. Apparently my buddy was in the left lane and Audi boy in the right decided to try and squeeze him out, force him to slow down and shove his way in, just like Dake Z's mercedes buddy did.

Anyway, hot day, around 30C, and his window was open. He edged closer and closer, arrogant expression on his face, and my friend wouldn't yield...because of the secret weapon. So H- just waited and held his line. Waited until the guy was about 1 foot off his Touretech case and the guy's window was level with the gas tank on the Dakar...

And then H- let it rip with the Stebel Horn right into the guy's left ear.

Apparently the guy nearly shit his pants and swerved so hard to the right (to get away from the sound) that he damn near hit the curb.

Ima gonna need to buy one of those things.
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