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We go down on the 40

We stop at Bajo Caracoles for fuel. Our last chance for gas for the next 250 miles. We fill a old 1 gal. oil jug with gas and strap it to the front crash bar.
The 40 is getting paved and we have fun bounce'n over the road blocks and run'n fast on the graded dirt base.

We clear the construction area and are move'n along fine when it starts to rain. The rain keeps come'n and the road starts getting a little slick (especially with bald tires). It doesn't feel too bad and I feel comfortable at about 30 mph.
Suddenly, the rear slides out and we go down in a low side. We splash down into the mus still spinning and now the bike is come'n back onto us. We come to a stop and I help Milena get untangled from the bike. She tells me her knee hurts real bad. (shit, I'm thinking thats it. It will be a hospital and then home).

A truck stops and 3 guys that probably saw us go down are say'n a bunch of stuff that I dont under stand (my spanish, well, no Espagnol). Milena's Ipod volume went to max in the crash and she couldnt get to it to turn it down, so she couldnt help with the communication, or lack there of. I finally gave them a thumbs up and let them leave because it was just too chaotic.

We got our helmets off, and it looked like there were no broken bones, and probably tore a ligament.
Then a van pulls up, and has a bunch of Italians inside. The driver (tour guide) speaks a little english and I ask him if Milena can ride in the van. We get Milena up out of the mud and into the van. He helps me pick up the bike, and I ask if he has room for all the luggage. He has me wipe all the mud off while he make room. He tells me there is a place 70 km they are stopping for lunch and he will take Milena there. He also tells me that he is a bike rider and that I need to stay in the ruts where all the water is so I dont slide out. By now we are soaked and its really coming down hard.

They head out. I get the bike into the rust and its a splash and paddle ride for the next 40 miles.

I cant really see with all the rain and muddy water splash up on me, but out of the corner of my eye I see a KLR and a guy wave'n me down. I stop. He has pulled off the road and unloaded all of his gear off the bike. He comes run'n over and asks "How the hell are you riding in this. The mud keeps jam'n up my tires". I tell him what the van guy told me and to stay in the ruts. Thinking he is heading north I tell him hoe far town is, and continue on. I find out later that he ended up camping out there, muddy and cold.

Its a long 40 miles it took about 2 hours. Busses were still giving it a go and they would come at me sliding sideways crossed up in the ruts and on the gas so that they would not get stuck. I would have fight my way out of the ruts and off the road (usually falling in the process) to get out of their way.
I make it to the meeting spot. My hands are so cold that I cant move my fingers. To use the clutch I just leave my hand in a "c" shape, move it over the clutch and pull my whole arm back.

I climb off the bike and Milena helps me get all the gear off. My fingers are useless, and the shivers are starting to take over my body. Its good to see that Milena can stand and at least limp around.

Here are some pics of our save-yores.

Welcome to Siberia

Any bike can be taken off road. The question is; How much fun did you have doing it?

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