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Originally Posted by FinlandThumper View Post
And then H- let it rip with the Stebel Horn right into the guy's left ear.

Apparently the guy nearly shit his pants and swerved so hard to the right (to get away from the sound) that he damn near hit the curb.

Ima gonna need to buy one of those things.
Don't bother unless you're never going to get near dirt or mud or water with one. I crapped out my 3rd one (1st was my initial purchase, lasted about 2 months, 2nd was warranty replacement for #1) about a month ago. Never again. Unless you keep them perfectly dry, clean, and safe, they go belly up within a couple months of getting them.

And yes, I have it wired properly, direct to the battery, correct gauge wiring, etc. etc. etc.

Stebels suck huge ass; they're great for the first 6 beeps, then go downhill from there until they piss you off and die with a whimper.
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